Thursday, 14 October 2010

The first day of a lot of days to come!

Ok, so could I have chosen a more worse title for my first post? Simply put... Yes. Ok so the title is cheesy, but it pretty much sums up all that's to come. Days and days of my life, all posted on here for your reading pleasure! 'Cos let's face it, who reads books nowadays? It's all about getting up close to people online, who lets get real you're never gunna meet, but there's a certain element of fun behind getting to know them. That or you're all just plain nosey!

So I guess I should start off with a little bit about me. I'm 21, looking for a job which is so hard to come by these days. But Insha'Allah soon! As the about me section says, I'm more than happy to shine your shoes for pennies. Although to be honest, I'd prefer something more like teaching. Doesn't really compare does it? Shining shoes or teaching kids how to read. Actually... I do love shoes. Ok, I'm guna have to think about this & I'll get back to all of you. 21 in Asian years also means marriage time! But I'm leaving that in the hands of Allah, when the right one comes along, he comes along & Insha'Allah he'll be perfect! (For me).
    I spent most of my life growing up in dreary Bradford (the Bradford in the UK, not the various ones in America). Life in Bradford proved to be extremely dull whilst I was growing up. I disliked my school life & I disliked the people even more, because I couldn't find a common ground with them, like I could when I used to live in London... & the teachers at school here? I won't even get started. For the majority of people living here, they loved it when they were young & will still now defend to the death the 'amazingness' of this boring city. Put it this way, here, we're all subjected to community gossip, slander of all sorts and chav heaven (woohoo!). We have a park which looks more like something you would find back home in Pakistan or Bangladesh (or India, don't wanna leave you guys out!). Most of you desi people who have a deficit in the number of Asians surrounding you are probably thinking 'hey, that's not so bad! You can share gulab jaman recipes and talk about your daughters newest proposal that's come from a doctaar'. But seriously, no. After a while of sharing your bus journeys with a group of unruly chavs from various ethnic backgrounds, Asian wannabe gangsters and aunties who just stare you down even though you're fully covered, you begin to lose hope in the city.

  However! It does have its upsides (I'm not as bitter as you may have come to believe so far!) Although theres daughter and son bashing going on day & night through some communities to an extent you won't believe! ('My son is marrying a lovely housewife from Dhaka, he's such a good boy always listening to his mother', 'Oh, well my son is marrying a woman who is not only from Dhaka but she is willing to have 18 children with him. Hah, beat that. You can't', 'Well my sons wife is sooo good that not only is she going to give birth to 20 children, they will ALL be male'. How these women do it I don't know, must be some pyschic presence in Bradford that I wasn't aware of... But surely that can't be halal??). However, back to my point, there are also some of the loveliest people you could hope to meet. I sometimes wish I'd met these people during my early school years so I wouldn't grow up with so much hate for my own kind! However, in my ripe old age of 21 I've found of the most amazing sisters whom I cannot imagine my life without. They've been there through my ups and downs and my various moodswings (which you'll come to know the more you read on. Whether you'll appreciate it, that I don't know!). Bradford is also one of the most beautifullest (yes, I know it's not a word!) places I've had the liberty of seeing. Although Bradford is mostly an industrial city it also has some beautiful countryside, and hills where you can go & relax and watch the breathtaking sunsets in the summer. We have random sheep & horses to gaze at (from a distance! Suprisingly I can deal with dogs, but sheep, cows & horses freak me out, I feel like they'll charge at me for no reason whatsoever! 'Boys, theres a hijabi, get her! Ram her in the stomach with ya... udders'???). The countryside in Bradford can be one of the most peaceful places to be when you just need some time out.
   I also can't forget our National Photography Museum. Or so it was called the last time I checked... Five years ago. I heard a rumour that it's now the Media Museum or something terrible like that. Anyway, Bradford's KNOWN for that museum. Can't blame them. It's amazing! We have an Imax and everything! Oh and some historical media related stuff too. But the IMAX, wow.

   I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks to my wonderful sisters & the beautiful breathtaking scenery & the museum, and the racist animals, as much as I hate it here, I love it just as equally. <3