Tuesday, 24 January 2012

'Grow our beards and trim your mustaches'

Gone are the days Where people used to say 'Awww your face is so sweet and smooth'.
Gone are the days Where it took ages, To shape my sideburns and shave all the facial hair.
Gone are the days Of beauty, charm and attraction As the beard is now, A symbol of terrorism and backwardness.
People see me now, As something strange and weird. My relatives often make fun of me, By asking who broke your heart?
My distant friends ask me, Did you join any terrorist camp?
My close friends at times make fun of me
'Hey man, blades are very cheap nowadays'
Women often ask me, Why don't you shave that ugly beard And be like a charming superstar?
You look boring! I feel sorry for my sistersAs their minds are now totally corrupted Inside the web of clean-shaved star icons, As they're the new age 'trend setters'. But very few know That I follow a superstar.
His name is Mohammed (sallallahu alayhi wasallaam), The forgotten hero.
And I have no regrets As he has taught me,
'This world is prison for a believer And paradise for a non-believer.'
So wake up, O muslim youth! Remember our heroes, The Prophets and the Sahabahs
Remember, this world is a testing place And don't let your senses to deceive you. So be proud to imitate,The Prophetic style For he has commanded us,
'Grow your beards and trim your mustaches'. And he who loves his Sunnah, Has indeed loved him. And he who loves him ,Will be with him in Paradise!

By Anon.